Jack Saperstein

Head of Finance & Business Development

•Jack Saperstein is an entertainment professional with experience in the areas of business development, finance, legal affairs and creative development for production companies and media brands. Jack has collaborated on co-production treaties and is well-versed in contract negotiation and deal structuring, learning from executives with roots in the largest consulting and financial houses. He has also worked to secure high level financing for production services and Canadian content provincial and federal tax credits and incentive funding, with a focus on multiple platforms for both animated and live action television series.

•As Manager of Business Affairs for the NBCUniversal International subsidiary, Lark Productions, Jack procured production financing for live action prime-time drama and unscripted Canadian content series.

•Prior to Lark, Jack served as the primary supporting role in marketing, structuring and executing the international multi-million dollar acquisition of Bardel Entertainment by the European leader in family entertainment, Rainbow. 

•Jack co-created DefiEnt Digital Media, initially intended as a vehicle for distributing original content, the brand was acquired for promotion of T.I.’s Atlanta-based Grand Hustle Records.

•Jack Saperstein holds a M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a B.A. in Film Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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